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One Toronto Minute by Sun Ray Productions

Namaste ! We would like to dedicate our movie, ONE TORONTO MINUTE, to the people of Toronto. For their spirit and enthusiasm in balancing chaos and calmness. Every fleeting moment of the day. In our concept, we visualized TIME (protagonist) as standing in one spot and rotating 360 degrees in a minute. Thus witnessing a […]

ABSOLUT Ads created by me…

a) For some reason Queens Park appears to me as an ABSOLUT bottle.         b) here is my tribute to mars rover curiosity, in the form of an absolut ad the original picture of Curiosity’s First Track Marks on Mars is taken from jpl nasa site

the learning project…

this is a pitch video made for a project focused on early childhood learning! the collection of videos are edited to convey the message that all children are creative and have big dreams!! it is our responsibility to nurture them and make all dreams happen!!!